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  • DVD Discs: 2
  • Lessons: 8
  • Lesson Duration: 25-35 minutes

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Exciting, Fresh and Fun. Transform the Way you Paint with Watercolour!

A picture of Joanne paintingThrough Expressive Watercolour Florals, professional artist Joanne Thomas will show you how to paint a range of stunning watercolour florals.

You'll discover an exciting technique that is loose, vibrant, easy to pick up and bags of fun... just the way watercolours should be!

You'll quickly master the wet-into-wet technique as Joanne guides you through a variety of popular flower types like sunflowers, daisies, foxgloves, daffodils and roses. You'll also see how to use salt, wax resist and scratching-out to give your watercolours an added dimension (watch out for the garden twig!).

Joanne's friendly, down-to-earth teaching style and her infectious enthusiasm will fill you with confidence. She'll show you how to embrace the unpredictability of watercolour so that you can be proud of your finished paintings and enjoy the creative process too!

So come and join Joanne as she leads you through the riveting world of Expressive Watercolour Florals!

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Bonus Features

Line Drawings

Line Drawings Each lesson comes with an associated line drawing that you can download to your computer, print, and trace on to a watercolour surface.

Joanne's drawings are simple enough for you to copy, but if you're not confident with your drawing skills and want get stuck in with the paint straight away, you'll find them a really useful tool.

We also have a quick guide for how to best print out, and then transfer the line drawings to your watercolour paper.

High Quality Images of the Paintings

High Quality Images Want a visual reference of Joanne's final paintings to hand as you work with her techniques?

We've provided printable versions of all her finished studies. View them on your mobile device or print them out (though her use of colour is so bold and vibrant, your printer might not thank you for it!).

Professional Reference Photos

Reference Photos Joanne is a great believer that copying straight from a single reference photo can hinder the freedom and expressiveness with which you paint...

But having several reference photos to hand that let you 'feel' the essence of your subject matter is something Jo advocates. We've provided you with several reference photos of florals similar to those that appear in the lessons. You can donwload them and use them as you wish.

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With Our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

After you follow and apply the lessons within Joanne's DVD you'll see a complete transformation in your technique and your finished paintings...

But you don't need to take that on trust - our guarantee takes ALL the risk out of your purchase and places it with us, where it should be...

Expressive Watercolour Florals


Purchase Expressive Watercolour Florals today. Follow it. Play around with the techniques you learn...

Take your time. Take 60 days (from delivery of the DVD or date of download).

If it doesn't meet your highest expectations then simply request a refund.

100% guaranteed

Only by applying Jo's lessons can you discover what you can accomplish with watercolours. We remove all the risk while you make that discovery.

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