Discover How You Too Can Paint Beautiful, Eye-Catching Watercolours... And Have Bags of Fun in the Process!

"The Unique Watercolour Instruction Course, That Let's Ordinary "Non-Artists" Create Extraordinary Watercolours - And It's Guaranteed

    0 Paint vibrant, uplifting watercolours regardless of "natural talent" or being "born with it"

    0 Get tremendous satisfaction and fulfillment from a wonderful pastime and a life-long hobby

    0 Impress your friends and family with paintings they'll want to keep in their own homes!

    0 Express your creative side without the frustration of not being artistic enough

    0 Take pride in beautiful pieces of artwork that you can look back on over a lifetime

Hi there, Bob Davies here...

In 1992 I taught myself how to paint beautiful watercolours despite having little or no "natural artistic flare".

Picture of Bob DaviesSince then, I've taught my method to thousands of budding artists in the flesh and refined the process into a unique and simple watercolour course that has been used by 2316 people, worldwide.

Watercolour Secrets will show you how to paint stunning, vibrant watercolours... whether you have "natural ability" or not.

Just as importantly - you'll also have a lot of fun in the process!

It does this by showing you exactly what do each step of the way. At no stage are you left to guess.

The result?

Not only do your paintings become much more pleasing to you and anyone you show them to, the time you spend painting them becomes a lot more fulfilling and a lot more theraputic... as many hundreds of people have already testified to.

So please, carry on reading below, and let me show you how to unlock your painting potential with the help of Watercolour Secrets...

Short on time? See this 5 min overview video.
It tells you exactly what Acrylic Painting Secrets is.

What's the Secret in Watercolour Secrets?

Unlike many painting DVDs and TV programs, Watercolour Secrets shows you EXACTLY what to do with brush in hand and paint in palette.

It also progresses you easily and logically from one lesson to the next - making it simple for you to pick up and master watercolour landscape painting.

Every lesson within Watercolour Secrets is designed to make you a great watercolourist... "natural ability" is not important. |SHOW ME WHY|

...If you're looking for something that will help you significantly improve every watercolour you paint - quickly, without years of trial and error - something that will make watercolour painting much more satisfying and much more rewarding... then Watercolour Secrets can definitely help you.

Master Watercolours... Step-By-Simple-Step

Watercolour Secrets is divided into eight simple and logical steps. Each step is covered on its own comprehensive DVD. Watch the 5 minute video below, where I quickly go through each DVD:

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watercolour colours


watercolour skies


watercolour mountains


watercolour trees


watercolour water


watercolour buildings


watercolour figures


watercolour figures


If you're looking for something that will help you significantly improve every picture you paint...

  • Quickly and simply...

  • Without years of trial and error...

  • Something that will make watercolour painting much more satisfying and much more rewarding...

Then Watercolour Secrets can definitely help you because it's THE most comprehensive watercolour course available. |HOW COMPREHENSIVE?|

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I Was Frustrated By Art For Years - You Don't Have To Be!

Like you I have always had that creative urge but art was lost on me from an early age.

Frustrated ArtistI passed through school wanting to learn, wanting to be able to create life-like paintings full or rich colours and atmosphere....

But like so many of my students, I was never taught the basics.

I was never shown how to mix colours for example. Nobody explained about how the strength of watercolour paint can make or break a painting. I never knew that even complicated objects and scenes can be easily drawn if you use basic shapes that ANYONE can draw. Instead...

I was told to concentrate on creating 'mood' and 'energy' and 'themes'.

They said...

"...develop your theme and you'll pick up the basics as you go along".

Well no, actually you don't!

What Brought Art Back To Me?

It wasn't until my mid forties that I decided to pick up a brush again (after being inspired by a local artist on TV).

Alwyn Crawshaw

I read dozens of books and hired dozens of videos from the city library. I spent hours practising and experimenting virtually every day after work.

In just over a year I became what others now refer to as "a natural artist".

Little did they realise that I had no more natural ability than them!

I later qualified as a teacher and began teaching art (usually watercolour painting) to adults from all walks of life.

Now, over 15 years later, I've refined my watercolour teaching techniques into a unique watercolour instruction course...

I believe that Watercolour Secrets is the very best and quickest way for you to learn how to paint. It shows you the same techniques that allowed me - a non-artist - to become a good artist.

It will allow YOU to thoroughly enjoy watercolour painting and take pleasure from one of the most rewarding hobbies for the rest of your life.

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Certified Proof That It Works...

Watercolour Secrets DVD courseWatercolour Secrets has a proven track record of success when it comes to helping people improve their watercolours...

We have literally hundreds of genuine success stories from budding artists around the world.

And our testimonials have teeth - they are 100% genuine. |NEED PROOF?|

Raving Word of Mouth

The word about Watercolour Secrets is spreading fast. It only happens when a product delights its customers and over-delivers.

Friends tell family, who tell colleagues, who tell friends. |AN EXAMPLE|

One way or another, you'll notice the passion for Watercolour Secrets...

Word-of-mouth is how we grow. And that is the most sincere proof of all.

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Who is Watercolour Secrets For?

Watercolour Secrets helps amateur artists (and that includes complete beginners) paint beautiful watercolours.

Will it turn you into professional watercolourist overnight?

No, of course not.

But if you class yourself as beginner or intermediate, nothing will help you improve as dramatically or as quickly as Watercolour Secrets. To find out why...

Choose the profile below that is most relevant to your situation:

Watercolour Paint Splash


Watercolour Paint Splash


Watercolour Paint Splash


Watercolour Paint Splash


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FREE Bonus DVD When You Buy Watercolour Secrets Today

Watercolour Secrets comes with a FREE bonus DVD called Drawing For Painting...

Free Bonus - Drawing For Painting DVDIt's 12 lessons cover the most overlooked and possibly the most important element of any painting - the initial drawing stage.

0 Discover how to draw any object or figure, looking realistic and in proportion by using a series of simple shapes that anyone can draw.

0 Find out how to master perspective so that you create believable, eye-catching landscapes in any medium.

0 Learn a series of simple guidelines for perfect composition. You won't believe how anges can make all the difference to your final masterpiece.

0 Discover how to scale your drawings up and down so that you can easily keep everything in the right proportions.

0 Discover how to draw specifically for watercolours and acrylics / oils (and what you must avoid to prevent your paintings from becoming a muddied mess.

Drawing For Painting comes FREE when you order Watercolour Secrets today...

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The RISK FREE Guarantee - Take 8 Weeks To Try The Course & Keep The Bonus DVD Regardless

After you follow and apply the lessons within Watercolour Secrets you WILL see a big improvement in your paintings...

We can say that with confidence because our guarantee takes ALL the risk out of your purchase and places it with us, where it should be. In fact, it's better than risk-free...

Money Back Guarantee

Purchase Watercolour Secrets today. Use it. Play around with some of the techniques...

Take your time. Take 60 days (from receiving the course).

If it doesn't meet your highest expectations then simply return it for a full refund and keep the bonus DVD Drawing For Painting... as a thank you for giving us a try.

100% guaranteed

Only by trying the course can you discover what you can accomplish with watercolours. We remove all the risk while you try.

Take advantage of our
Money-Back Satisfaction & Success Guarantee.
Watch your watercolours improve and enjoy the satisfaction it brings
and do it without ANY risk on your part.

In other words...
Purchase and then decide.


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I promise you that after you watch Watercolour Secrets, and with just a little practise, you too will become a great watercolourist. It's just a matter of time!

After you have placed your order, we'll ship the DVD version out to you normally within 1 working day.

And if you've opted for the Online version (or Combo deal), you'll be immediately directed to the members-only site where you can begin the course right away. It's all very simple.

I honestly believe that there is no better way to learn watercolour painting. And with our 60-day risk free guarantee you don't have to take my word for it. Give it try and have fun!

Warm regards,

Bob Davies

Bob Davies.
Creator of Watercolour Secrets.

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P.S. Remember you are completely protected by my 60-day money back guarantee. Try the course for a whole 2 months and if it doesn't deliver than return for an immediate refund. I will always honor this guarantee without question.

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